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I help creatives connect with the Source of their inspiration.



Launch a Mindset Makeover

A mindset makeover can be transformative to your health, work life and relationships. If you're looking to free yourself of obstacles holding you back and want to experience the freedom to move through life with grace and ease, this makeover is for you.


I'll help you recognize what you’re not seeing and challenge you to grow, no matter the circumstances.


You can manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams by learning to cultivate a successful mindset. You’ll learn skills to keep expanding long after the coaching relationship ends. 

Attract Your Desires

What’s next for you when it comes to making your dreams come true? This could mean taking a small step toward something new or a bold leap of faith and really going for it. 


We’ll look at the obstacles that are keeping you stuck and get to the core of your limiting beliefs. We’ll practice proven skills and processes to help you take back your power and gain clarity on exactly what you desire and what matters most to you in your life.

Whether manifesting your ideal career,
dream home, peace of mind or soulmate, a key component involves taking inspired action.

Resolve and Evolve - VIP

Private VIP Intensives meet the needs of those who have little time, LOVE fast results and don't want or need the support of weekly calls.


In this exclusive one-day experience, you'll get out of your daily norm  - and your own way. This will enable you to release and create new possibilities for clarity, contentment, more time and better choices.


You'll learn simple yet profound solutions on how to effectively resolve one or two particular issues that you want to evolve in your personal or work life, allowing for a life of vitality and satisfaction.


Not ready to get started right away? Sign up for a free Discovery call now.

Rave Reviews
Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 12.19.54

I had an amazing mental turnaround which I didn’t know how to get to on my own.

Cat’s warm and welcoming manner made it easy to communicate. Her empathy and desire to help made the process more accessible and acceptable.


She made it easy to facilitate these mental adjustments together. I'm ever so thankful for having her come into my life. You’re such a gift to me! 💖

Brian Vanderberg

Lead Pilot Metro Aviation West Michigan AirCare 

Kalamazoo, Michigan 

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 5.24.01 PM.png

Coaching with Cat helped me get out of my head and present to everything that IS working in my life. 


I'm not as focused on the superficial or taking things so personally - which was shallow and limiting my happiness. I'm truly grateful to have met Cat. My life is richer and deeper because of her.


More and more I see myself excited and content for where I am!

LaVon Schwartz

Owner - KC's Auto Land


WOW! One session with Cat unlocked me. Her tools are more insightful and helpful than most of my counseling over the years. Cat saved me from my most dark time in my life - completely unconscious for 12 years. I now have self love and peace. I can’t thank you enough, Cat. You are truly amazing. I feel SOOO much better. You’re a treasured friend and coach. Truly amazing.

Joey Ritenour

Marketing Consultant Midwest Communications 

Kalamazoo, Michigan 

Working with Cat has been a great blessing to me. She's remarkably adept, supportive, gentle and compassionate. I really felt heard regarding next steps and that was the key to my trusting the coaching process. Cat creative concepts that I've found eye-opening and practical. Well worth the cost!

I'm amazed how someone could help me cut through the brambles to visualize my ideal partner. Things have fallen into place because Cat was so tuned in to my desires. You'll be in great hands if you decide to work with her. Just taking one step and beginning the coaching process – opened doors.

Kimberly S. Green, Special Education Teacher, Henrico Co Public Schools

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 4.57.17 PM.png

Working with Cat, I learned how to clarify my goals, intentions, and aspirations. Her coaching included simple but illuminating exercises, and her personal approach was warm and encouraging. I was especially impressed by her communication skills.

I appreciated her listening so attentively, drawing on helpful examples and deftly redirecting to keep our focus on the positive.

Cat offers the perfect combination of knowledge and sensitivity. That makes her a coach I’m delighted to recommend.

Dr. Jil Larson, Associate Professor of English,

Western Michigan University

What I love about coaching with Catherine is that she is always prepared with tools and techniques to get to the root of the problem. 

She challenges the way I see things, which is what I need to grow and change for the better.

Kris Valdez, Planner III
at Eagle County Government

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 3.26.00 PM.png

In deciding to work with Cat Dobbs, I had to ask myself what price I would be willing to pay, to gain awareness of what’s getting in the way of my contentment and peace of mind; in other words, “happiness”.


Cat’s knowledge, experience and guidance, has helped me better understand myself and what I truly want.  Having a trusting and knowledgeable guide to inform and encourage you and share with you the wisdom that can only come from personal discovery and deep understanding of what it takes to change, have made all the difference.

What I’ve learned about myself, the insights I’ve gained and the skills I’ve been taught have helped me to calm my mind and focus more clearly on what truly matters in my life. Cat helped me understand what my conscious mind is telling me, where those thoughts derive and how to better understand them and the places others may be coming from as well, if I chose to listen and try to understand.

These skills and insights are something I can always use and refer to again and again, like having a Swiss Army knife and compass for my mind. I encourage anyone who wants to know more about what makes them tick, what keeping them stuck and what can be done to find a deeper contentment and “happiness” to reach out to Cat Dobbs.

“Inner peace and contentment; -“priceless”

Matt Landini, CPA, CFP

Principle - Genuine Wealth Management, LLC

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 5.06.31 PM.png

You are a blessing to so many of us and I’m so grateful you are sharing your life with us as a genuine and loving person!

I always feel that so important and empowerment infused with knowledge and information Coaching with you feels like a celebration. I always feel better after our calls.


If people get to experience you as a coach – if they see and feel you – It is such blessing – we need more of you in the world. You bring it to life in a genuine inflection of goodness.


It’s important work that you’re doing. I’ve had some great successes. I would have missed if I had not met you (mentally and physically) so, thank you!


You give yourself with such freedom and love, you are an awesome individual. I’m grateful to have a friend and professional like you to talk to that gets me. You cannot mistake the love you have for people – you’re a beautiful light in this world. 

Manifestation is real, dear Cat; you have been born for it! 

Love, love, love you to the moon and back! I’m so pleased that you are my dear teacher and I am blessed!

Janie Reves Claeys

Retired Nurse

For the last year Cat has amazed me with her intuitive ability to guide me to the solutions that I couldn't see by myself with ease and humor. 


Having been involved in the self-development arena for over 10 years, including the Sedona Method, meditation and the Letting Go Method, her coaching has become one of my favorite experiences!


Thank you for a great year and looking forward to many more, Cat. 

Victoria Dooley

Quality Systems Consultant

I love our calls Cat… talking live has power for me. You are one cool lady!!! 

Feeling so accepted by you has had a shift and a tremendous impact on my life. Know that you bring that with you, that powerful acceptance!! 


You feed people power by loving them, by SEEING them. By listening. By how thoughtful you are. You offer love and warmth and bless the earth by being you.


Thank you for supporting and reflecting back to me. That is a gift of yours! A real talent. I think you could have a business just reflecting people's truth and greatness back to them. Your trust and kindness are needed. Love you, Cat!!!

Dawn Schwartz 

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by Cat.


She taught me processes to guide me toward new possibilities for myself and launch my successful catering business.


Thanks to Cat, I handle things in a more positive way and see things through a brighter light. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lakenya Spikes

Chef ~ Beautiful Eatings

It isn't where you came from. It's where you're going 

that counts.’’




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